Industrial Steel Butt Welding Flange

Butt welding flange refers to a flange with a neck and a round pipe transition and butt welding connection with the pipe. We produce ASME B16.5 butt welding flanges, ASME B16.47 butt welding flanges, DIN 2631 butt welding flanges Welding flanges, DIN 2637 butt welding flanges, DIN 2632 butt welding flanges, DIN 2638 butt welding flanges, DIN 2633 butt welding flanges, etc. Welding flanges are suitable for pipelines with large fluctuations in pressure or temperature or high temperature, High pressure and low temperature pipelines are also used for pipelines that transport expensive, flammable and explosive media. Butt welding flanges are not easily deformed, have good sealing, and are widely used.

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American series: CLASS 150, CLASS 300, CLASS 400, CLASS 600, CLASS 900, CLASS 1500, CLASS 2500 European series: PN 2.5, PN 6, PN 10, PN 16, PN 25, PN 40, PN 63, PN 100, PN 160, PN 250, PN 320, PN 400American series: flat surface (FF), raised surface (RF), grooved surface ( G), Concave and convex surface (MFM), Ring connection surface (RJ) We are the main butt welding flange manufacturer in China, and have passed ISO9001:2000 certification. Our product range is complete, including various industrial flanges, industrial pipes, industrial pipe fittings, which can fully meet your choice, And these products comply with ASME B16.9, ISO, API, EN, DIN, BS, JIS, GB etc standards. If you are purchasing products in this area, please contact us quickly, HEBEI CANGRUN PIPELINE EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is your best choice!Butt welding flange: 3/8"~160" DN10~DN4000Forged flanges are used as a linking part to create a pipework network for cylinders, valves, pumps, and other devices. Forged flanges incorporate two different sections of the machinery. To render the entity stronger, they should be an attachment of a frame. Industrial flanges have several uses include connecting sheets, pumps, pipes and structures which explicitly need an intermediate connection point. Flanges made of stainless steel come in several different forms. Every form satisfies its own needs. Large flanges of the welded neck are fastened to a base of the tubing. How this flange is welded guarantees that the diameter is the same as the pipe length it was attached to. Such flanges are also commonly used for usage in high-pressure applications.

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